This QB Thing is getting out of hand…

By Marc Mandell.  8/7/17

For just a few minutes, imagine you are 12 years old. Remember back that far? It was the best age wasn’t it. Puberty hadn’t hit yet, and your only job was to have fun. No matter what you were doing, just have fun. Through all the fun though, things can get a little….exaggerated from time to time right? Maybe its a new toy that your younger sibling got for a birthday, or dibs on the front seat. Sometimes it was easy to lose sight of what you had, clamor for what you wanted and forget what was actually happening at the time.

I think this whole Siemian/Lynch thing is a perfect example of the 12-year-old in all of us losing sight of what’s really happening. Just step back for a minute. Last season the Broncos were very near the bottom in every offensive category. No running game, no passing game, zero red zone presence. Siemian was injured early, the cheaper, older toy had broken. So the boy got to play with the new one! The more expensive toy. The shiny toy, and most importantly, the new toy.

Turns out the 12-year-old boy didn’t know exactly how to use the toy, so he quickly went back to old one as soon as the glue was applied. He hadn’t waited for the glue to fully set. Since every single one of us have been there, we all know what happened next. The toy broke again. Though broken, it still seemed better than the new one. So the boy continues to play with it. Further damaging the toy.

Had he just waited the proper amount of time for the glue to set all the way, the old toy could’ve been so much better. Instead it was unnecessarily abused. Because of this abuse, the rest of the Justice League suffered. If Batman isn’t healthy, how can the rest of the team rely on him? Sure Aquaman is a hero, by definition, but everyone knows he doesn’t really bring a whole lot to the table. The League needs Batman at his best, even if he doesn’t have any true super powers.

See, now it’s the party where some of the other kids are playing with their new toy. Different costume, different name on it, but the same toy though. The 12-year-old sees this and figures out that he was using the new one all wrong!! He then also realizes that he wasn’t even using the old one correctly either! So what does he do? What should he do? What would you do?

Siemian isn’t a super hero. He doesn’t have that flash appeal, that glowing white hot freshness that comes with a 1st round QB. Lynch has that shiny new box, crazy possibilities look and feel. I’m not going to be a Siemian apologist. I am going to say that those who want Lynch, say Lynch hasn’t gotten a fair shake.

Trevor was not fault free last season. The o line was…bad, the running game too. But Trevor could’ve been better. The injury didn’t help. Either did being rushed back into service. So while Siemian isn’t that flashy, new, 1st rounder, it doesn’t mean that he has shown all he has to give. Just like Lynch. We still don’t know what Denver has in either player. Besides, neither one has distanced himself from the other.

The few things I keep hearing, and reading about Paxton is how he should just get the start, absorb the growing pains and move forward to see what the Broncos have in him. See if he is that franchise guy. Denver spent the 1st round pick on him, it’s time to see what he can really do with reps in live games.

Now if he was the more gifted, talented QB, (Lynch), wouldn’t he be demonstrating this by now? If his potential is so much higher than Siemians, wouldn’t it have shown yet? He threw three back-to-back picks last week in practice. In 7-on-7 drills! For every comparison I hear about Lynch to guys like Elway, Big Ben, there are a dozen that can be made to the alternative. Jay Cutler, DeMarcus Russell, Ryan Leaf, Matt Lienart, Mark Sanchez, Brady Quinn, Josh Freeman, Jake Locker, Blaine Gabbert, EJ Manuel, Tim freakin Tebow!! the list goes on. And on, and on. It doesn’t matter how “talented” a player is, unless he can play, and play consistently, he can’t play. No try in the NFL, just do.

Siemian wasn’t drafted in the 1st round. That’s what makes this so tricky. That’s why it is so difficult to compare the two to each other. The only way us as fans can compare is to compare what we know. We know, Siemian has the arm and brain to win games. We’ve seen it in action. We know Lynch is highly touted and has a crazy amount of arm and foot talent. We don’t know which will succeed in this new offense of Mike McCoy. So who the hell should start?

Personally, at this moment, I don’t really care what Lynch’s “potential” ceiling is. Or Siemian’s for that matter. What I do care about is winning games. I think it’s fair to say that at this moment neither Lynch or Siemian is going to lead Denver back to the promised land. I do think, however, that when it comes to winning games, Siemian gives the Broncos the best chance to win, now. As in weeks 1-5. Yes, Denver wins the bye week. Miracles can happen folks. I also think that Lynch can, again, be better than what we have seen. Maybe a change at the bye week?

Look, if it’s Siemian or Lynch, if Denver goes 8-8, 9-7, 7-9, there will be huge discussions, arguments and fights about how the coaches blew it. My point is that, maybe we need to see more from both of these guys. I’m not ready to call Lynch a bust, and I’m not ready to throw in the towel on Trevor, but I am prepared to leave this incredibly tough decision up to the coaches and John Elway.

The offense will be better this year no doubt. It simply has to. It can’t really get much worse. The running game and o- line play alike will be better. Again, because it has to be. That’s the only place to go. Siemian and Lynch will look better than they did last year, and the defense will get 4-6 wins for Denver. The offense will get 3-4. The last few will come down to the QB’s. When it’s 3rd and 6 on the other teams 45 yard line, and the Broncos need a 1st down to keep the game alive, who do you really want back there? Johnny young blood slinger McGee, or level headed, calm experience?

Both QB’s can and will contribute to this team this year. Like it or not, believe it or not. Trevor will help this team win, early on this season, and possibly Lynch later on. After he has had more reps, more time to learn everything. Perhaps we should slow down with the whole picking a side, choosing a toy thing. I’m just saying let the older toy start the party, and maybe the new can end it. You want to see what jr achiever can do? Give him the back of the schedule. Because it’s not how you start, it’s how you finish.



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