Dear Kubiak

Dear Mr. Kubiak.

Since I knew what football was, I was a Bronco fan. Since I knew what a coach was, you were one of them. Since I have began my love of the game, you have been a part of it.

I can’t begin to explain how much you have meant to the Denver Broncos, as a player, a coordinator and a coach. I can begin to explain how much you have meant to the fans. We haven’t always agreed with your methods. In those moments, we questioned your sanity. When we did agree however, the praise was full, and heartfelt.

As a fan of yours, it was so very difficult to watch the press conference in which you stated your resignation. When Peyton retired at the end of last season, it was with respect and admiration that fans calmly watched one of the greatest to play his position ride off into the sunset. When you announced your resignation, the fans watched, as our most beloved coach thanked his boss, co-workers, family and the fans. Unlike with 18, I was truly disheartened watching you retire from the Broncos. You were always a Bronco, always one of us. Never have I seen a press room clap to such an event. You were always our favorite. Not one of Mr. Kubiak; the. Just don’t tell Shanahan that, okay?

I remember when you took the job as HC to the then budding Houston Texans. No one knew how you would do, but those of us who knew you, knew that come hell or high water, Coach Kubiak would be a leader of men. Of course, you were. There were good days and bad, just like any profession, but the way you carried yourself, and the profound care and protection for those that you surround yourself with is what makes you. You were always so honest with the media and the fans, so much so that most couldn’t believe what was being said! A Kubiak presser meant that the fans would know what’s going on with the team, good bad or otherwise. This is what makes you great to us as fans.

January 18th, 2015, Kubes is coming home. The announcement came in the early evening, and after seeing you and Elway in a picture walking side by side once again, though this time it was as you made your way from the Broncos airplane to Dove Valley, all in Broncos Country couldn’t wait for the new season to start. As the wins and losses started to come in the 2015 season, and an aging QB, there was never a doubt that you, Coach Kubiak would keep the ship on course. Close games, crazy games, disappointing losses. The Kubes remained steady. On to Super Bowl 50! The Kubes remained steady.

Of the 33 years or so you have spent in the NFL, all but 11 have been spent on the sidelines of the Mile High Denver Broncos, and as fans we couldn’t ask for more. We would take more of course, but we can’t ask for more. I can’t imagine how difficult your resignation was. As a fan though……..

Thank you for everything. Thank you for helping Terrell Davis and John Elway become one of the most dangerous offenses football has ever seen. Thank you for keeping Shanahan on the path when he was ready to jump off. Thank you for SuperBowl 32. Thank you for SuperBowl 33. Thank you for SuperBowl 50. Thank you for being honest and open about our home town team, even though management had other ideas. Thank you for your loyalty, uncompromising honor and relentless dedication. Thank you for spending hours upon hours away from your family, so you could help bring mine together. Thank you for saving us from the cliche machine John Fox. Thank you for everything Mr Kubiak.

No matter what you decide is next for you, I wish nothing but the most beautiful and rewarding adventures. I will never forget the first Denver World Championship, or the latest one. Nor will I forget that you were such an enormous part of both. Since I won’t be seeing you on the Broncos sideline anymore, I will never forget. Since my son will be a Broncos fan, he will know what you did for us.

From my family to yours Mr Kubiak, thank you so very much, and best wishes on whatever is next for you. Even if it’s with another team.

-The Mandell Family

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