Broncos can move on…finally

By Marc Mandell   8/19/17

Alrighty fellas, you’ve seen enough from the Pirate, right? Surely you’re ready to say uncle, and let Siemian lead this offense to whatever it is he can lead them to. Isn’t it painfully obvious why Denver’s coaching staff has had such a tough choice the last 4 weeks?

On one hand the Broncos have this young, 2nd year guy who went 9-13 for 39 yards in a quarter and a half of arguably the most important game of his career. Against an awful team in San Francisco. 3 turnovers in + territory wasn’t enough for young Lynchasuarus Rex to do anything with. Sure he can run, but he is so assuredly not prepared, that to have him start is irresponsible. Not to say he can’t get better in time, there just simply isn’t enough of it.

Then on the other, a 3rd year seventh rounder, who is coming off of a below average season a year ago. Sure he was hurt, the o-line was bad, but Trevor could’ve been better, and he will be this year.

Paxton clearly isn’t ready, and this defense can’t be asked to keep the team above water. Not for a 3rd consecutive year anyway. We haven’t seen Trevor’s ceiling, even if it is a little lower than Paxtons’, but we are bound to see an elevated version of 13 this season. We can be sure of that.

So after Saturday’s pathetic display from Paxton, and Trevor’s more confident, cool, and decisive play, I think this battle is over. I couldn’t be happier about it. Let’s go Trevor, and let’s go Broncos!! Now on to a few other things.

Moments of Men:

It is pretty awesome to see a second generation Shanahan out on the field as a head coach. As a Denver guy, no matter how ugly it got in the Mile High City in Mike’s last few years, I will always have a place for him in my heart. Back to Back SB wins will do that. So to see his boy Kyle out there calling plays, managing other coaches…it’s pretty cool to watch. I hope the very best for Kyle in his years ahead.

I am quickly becoming a fan of Steven Ridley. He knows the odds are way against him in camp and the preseason this year, and yet, every down, every snap he is giving everything he has to the team, and to the game. I think he is on the bubble after Saturday, given DeAngelo Henderson’s performance. I hope he lands with a team this year, as he’s certainly earned it.

Vance Joseph is showing himself to be a pretty even keeled coach. He was upset with the penalties, of which there were a-plenty, but coach never lost his cool. While he is a rookie head coach, he is a veteran of leading men and keeping his head in the game. So far I like what I’ve seen from the 1st year HC.

Add that Joseph and Shanahan, competing against each other was pretty cool too. Both Rookie head coaches, commanding teams that have recently been in a Super Bowl. The turnover and rapid change that can and very often does happen in the NFL always surprises me.

Pete Morelli smiled with a minute left in the 3rd quarter. Don’t think I’ve ever seen that before out of him. No way I was the only  Just a quick observation.

Everything else:

The Bad:

Penalties. Followed by penalties and finally, well…yeah, more penalties. In two games the Broncos have had 3,765 penalties. Its an NFL record. Okay, maybe not that many but it seems like if there isn’t one thrown on a play, there must be something wrong with the officials. Rookie Garrett Bolles was guilty on several occasions, caught holding. Mostly when the opponent was making a move on the inside. It’s weakness that needs help from the young LT from Utah.

Paxton Lynch.

Special teams struggle with consistency. I think Denver is going to miss Joe D.

The Good:

Defense. Still good. That’s about it for Denver’s defense. Still way good. There is still depth behind the starters. Corey Nelson, Zaire Anderson played will in places of Brandon Marshall and Todd Davis. The secondary as well, is showing significant depth. Lorenzo Doss has some competition in Chris Lewis-Harris, who was all over the place on sat night.

Domata Peko hasn’t missed time in 112 games. He is reliable and talented. In his limited time so far, he will be a much needed quality player up front to help sure up the run game. Him and Zach Kerr both, playing very well this pre-season.

Adam Gotsis is trending up in a big way. He has been around the ball, he is playing with more understanding and better execution. With all the injuries to Wolfe, Winn and Walker, it is great to see what seemed to be a bad draft choice last year developing. A player actually developing. If only the offense would pick up on that.

The Result:

All in all, it was rough for the offense, great for the defense and special teams had an okay game. They look really similar to last year. It is pre-season, so it’s vanilla this, and bland that. No one is going to show anything this early. I have a good feeling about this team this year. Despite the schedule. I maintain it’ll be a 9-7, or maybe a 10-6 team. Though the team will be better. So it’s time to move on from this horrible QB controversy Broncos Country! Let’s go Broncos!!

On to next week against the Packers!!






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