Broncos Early Start: Mirage or Road to Glory?

By Thom Casdorph  9/20/17 After last Sunday night’s, late late victory that saw the Broncos hold off their 3rd best division rival Chargers, the excitement was palatable. After a week of hearing the media fawn over America’s team, while Vegas and TV pundits picked the Cowboys to knock off the Broncos

Broncos can move on…finally

By Marc Mandell   8/19/17 Alrighty fellas, you've seen enough from the Pirate, right? Surely you're ready to say uncle, and let Siemian lead this offense to whatever it is he can lead them to. Isn't it painfully obvious why Denver's coaching staff has had such a tough choice the last

Bubbled Broncos

By Marc Mandell   8/14/17 It's the second week of pre-season football for Denver, and the roster spots are going to start drying up, as early as next Monday. It feels like we are already looking at some of these guys riding the bubble. The dreaded roster spot bubble. Who would

This QB Thing is getting out of hand…

By Marc Mandell.  8/7/17 For just a few minutes, imagine you are 12 years old. Remember back that far? It was the best age wasn't it. Puberty hadn't hit yet, and your only job was to have fun. No matter what you were doing, just have fun. Through all the fun


By Thom Casdorph       8/7/17   A Denver Nuggets Season Review and Off Season Analysis This off season set itself up to be a potential big one for the Nuggets. They had competed for a playoff spot and although failed to make the playoffs, arrived at some key franchise answers. They


By Thom Casdorph    8/7/17   The question of the day in Denver, isn't how bad the traffic is, or if you saw the last Game of Thrones episode, it is, are you Team Siemian or Team Paxton. The former came from nowhere as a former seventh round pick, beating the supposed journeyman

Broncos update, No QB mess here

By Marc Mandell   6/12/17 Hey everybody! Sorry for the delay, what with summer vacation, the NBA Finals, and whatever is happening in the NHL, it's been a little crazy around the Mandell household lately. However, I have been keeping a close eye on what is going on at Dove Valley during

Jamaal Charles @ a Mile High

By Marc Mandell 5/3/17 How awesome would it be to have Jamaal Charles on the roster here in Denver? He is meeting with the Broncos Brass today, and barring any ugly surprises on his physical check up, he could sign here as early as this evening. As a Bronco fan, I think

Broncos Best Picks 2017

By Marc Mandell   5/1/17 Are you happy with the way the Draft picks went for Denver? Do you think John Elway did a good job? How about that 2nd pick? You know, the round that Elway seems to struggle with the most? I think it went well myself. Yes even the first

Broncos 2017!

By Marc Mandell    4/20/17 Finally! After seemingly every other teams schedule was leaked we finally have the 2017 Denver Broncos schedule. I'm not going to get too deep here tonight, just wanted to take a quick look at the tastiest match-ups. Here we go! And you Coach Joseph is totally pumped to