Broncos 2017!

By Marc Mandell    4/20/17 Finally! After seemingly every other teams schedule was leaked we finally have the 2017 Denver Broncos schedule. I'm not going to get too deep here tonight, just wanted to take a quick look at the tastiest match-ups. Here we go! And you Coach Joseph is totally pumped to

Elway’s 6th

By Marc Mandell     4/15/17 If you were to put on a local sports radio program here in the Mile High City, you would hear how this year is Elway's most important draft class since he has arrived. I say, BS. Every year is the most important year. Every draft is the most

By the Numbers, Elway’s picks

By Marc Mandell     4/18/17 So we have heard, I think it's fair to say we have also believed, that John Elway tends to struggle in the Draft. While he seems to work miracles in the free agent market, the Draft seems to be his weakness right? So wrong. Check this out. I thought