Romo or Rivers?

By Marc Mandell Should the Broncos take a serious look at Tony Romo or Phillip Rivers? Should they attempt to catch lightening in a bottle again after the Peyton Manning experiment? Will one of these top QB's come in and take Denver back to the promised land? Or, should they keep

Broncos Head Coach Search

By Marc Mandell   @Mandell_W on Twitter/360Sports Review on Facebook I'm sure that most of us have an idea of who John Elway is looking to hire as a replacement for Gary Kubiak. The list is; Kyle Shanahan, Vance Joseph, and Dave Toub. This isn't necessarily the order in which Elway

Dear Kubiak

Dear Mr. Kubiak. Since I knew what football was, I was a Bronco fan. Since I knew what a coach was, you were one of them. Since I have began my love of the game, you have been a part of it. I can't begin to explain how much you have meant

Brady-Whacked Broncos

By Marc Mandell I can't even laugh any more. This offense is so horrific, they should be ashamed of themselves. Between Twitter and Facebook, everyone was letting loose today. The Broncos blew their chance to make the playoffs this year. Even against the Patriots team that always seems to struggle in

Mile High Magic Required

By Marc Mandell Mile High Magic. Some how, some way the Denver Broncos do what so many others can't. That is to beat Tom Brady, and his dark overlord, Bill Belichick. In fact, Denver is the only team these two have a losing record to. New England is 2-7 against the

Kicked out of Graceland

By Marc Mandell Well folks, that could very well be it. With Denver's loss, and wins coming from the Steelers and Miami, the Denver Broncos season is all but over. That may sound pessimistic, but you can't sit here and tell me otherwise. Before today they needed to win, now the

Who should start in Titan Town

By Marc Mandell Well guys, the remaining four games for our Denver Broncos are very important aren't they. As the final quarter of the 2016 season comes into view, with games against the Titans, New England, KC, and Oakland, Denver needs to finish strong. But do they need to win all four? I wasn't so sure

1 For the Win

By Marc Mandell The Broncos won!!! Now be honest, how many of you saw Denver winning this game? Denver only converted one 3rd down all day long, and they had 9 three and outs! Between the 4 yard pass on 3rd and 9, and the 15 yarder on a 3rd and

Broncos are going Jag Kicking

By Marc Mandell The Denver Broncos are heading to sunny, warm Jacksonville for a match-up with the Jaguars. Only 5 games left in the season, so the time for shenanigans is kaput! No more spoon full of sugar. This medicine is going to go down rough, because there is no more

Clock is really ticking now

By Marc Mandell Would you rather tie or lose? Can Denver put it all together for 60 minutes? How long until the team plays a complete game? That was a big loss for the Denver Broncos. All of a sudden Denver is on the outside looking in on the playoff picture. It